Rosé Top + Beloved Boyfriends

There are very pieces of clothing that make me as happy as The Laundry Room graphic tops (I recently confessed my love for it in TLR Top + Paige Flares). The only thing that makes me feel as excited to get dressed in the mornings is Read More

What to Wear: To A Job Interview

I’m not sure if its that time of year or everyone is realizing school is over but everyone is asking me for summer job ideas. It is typical for a college student to use their summer to their advantage. Whether that be working their butt off to afford next years rent. Attending summer classes to get ahead. Or traveling the country. Everyone is trying to soak up every ounce of summer possible. With that being said, it is a tough game Read More

5 Outfit Transitions – Hot to Cold

If your hometown’s climate is anything like ours,  you’ll be cozied up in layers and a fluffy jacket while the next jeans and a tee will make the cut. With such bipolar weather, it is hard to stay inspired with so many different types of climate changes. After getting lost in Pinterest, I’ve mapped out 5 outfit ideas you’ll want to steal AND that will work whether its hot or cold. Read More

Lace-Up Blouse + Gilded Shoes

Ever since this 70’s trend blew up, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a lace up blouse. We recently got this Bella Dahl top in (at Coco Eros) and it embodies the perfect look of the trend. I love how thick the lace up is because it gives off a pirate feel. And the fabric, let’s talk about the fabric. Bella Dahl has the best fabric because once you put it on you it just falls according to your body type and fits so flatteringly. Not to mention its as soft as a babies buzzum. Read More

by Kimbrali

I can’t even put into words the amount of excitement and anxiety myself and my fellow classmates are feeling about the upcoming weeks. I will officially become a “has-been” to such a great school that I am so grateful to have been apart of for the last four years. But I am also so excited for the next few months because I have so many surprises in store. Can’t wait. xx




Dress / Planet Blue

Shoes / Anthropologie


Victoria_Stinson_Senior029Victoria_Stinson_Senior030 (1)



Shirt & Shoes / Anthropologie

Skirt / Made by Me (see)




Shirt / Anthropologie

Skirt / Urban Outfitters






Dress / Made by Me

Photos taken by the amazing Kimbrali Boyd.

**Check back later for inspiration behind these pictures.**