Sweet Sundaze pt. 2

If you watched this video, you are probably dying to know where my friends got their adorable outfits from. And thank goodness they are cute because other wise I’d have to lie and tell them they are not (inside joke). 😉


Dress / Apricot Lane

Shoes / Herringstones

Purse / Kate Spade


Dress / Free People


Shirt / J.Crew

Skirt / Forever 21

Purse / Kate Spade

Sandals / Shoe La La


Striped Parisian

Remember how I swore to you that lipstick can totally amp up an outfit? Well I see lipstick as an accessory and like any other accessory it can make or break an outfit. So to prove to you how differently an outfit can change by playing with one aspect of it, I took one fairly simple shirt and styled it three different ways. I chose too keep two of the outfits alike by just changing the pants and shoes to reflect how a play on colors can change up the attitude of an outfit.




Shirt / Banana Republic

Pants (both)/ Gap

Cape / Coco Eros

Shoes (1) / Anthropologie

Shoes (2) / Ugg


T-Swizzle on Fleek

S/o to T-Swift for bringing her A-game in the new Blank Space music video. Without a doubt, this has to be the starlets best one yet. The location.. perfection. The outfits.. holy sh*t. The leading man.. [you can insert your own description here]. I am so obsessed with the story line that I’ve probably re-watched the video religiously since it was released on November 10. For your own viewing pleasure, here are her outfits in wonderful gif form.


Taylor shows Yonce the real way to wakeup **Flawless-ly.


Practicing the pointers her BFF Karlie Kloss has been giving her.


giphy (11)

Foreshadowing the relationship by sitting as far away as possible from the crazy b*tch.


What you don’t dance in the hallway with your lover in your backup Emmy gown?


Casually bike riding in the living room because why not.


This is Taylor showing off her skills of eye flirting and painting on a dry canvas.

giphy (13)

The dopest part of the video. If my husband and I don’t look like this I fail at life.

200 (1)

She learned this move while dating a Kennedy.


Aw look at Taylor wearing a dress made by a Project Runway contestant.

giphy (12)

She’s finally starting to look like an everyday house wife.. Oh, wait?

giphy (14)

 Purple high-wasted shorts are perfect for carving trees. No?

giphy (5)This is where their relationship first starts to fall apart. But who cares, she looks chic as hell.


This simple white dress makes us think “Hey she may not be too crazy.”

giphy (22)

Leopard print isn’t your go-to when you’re going insane?


“Whoops, dropped your phone. But oh well, you should be checking out my cute new matching paisley set anyway.”

giphy (6)

I bet you she wore this deep red to match the portrait.

giphy (7)She got this dress particularly for when the going gets tough.

giphy (10)

Showing us girl’s really do run the world in another black dress.

blankspace26-1415666430Somehow she perfectly manages her golf club attack with a strapless two piece. Taylor, tell us your ways.


Phew, we were getting worried the video was losing its glamour, luckily the faux shrug saves the day.

giphy (4)

Come on Taylor! We all know heels don’t do justice when trying to chop down a tree.

giphy (3)

And then Taylor is all like, “Come on y’all, I was just playin’.”

So.. When will this be out in theaters?


Winter Trends

As we turn in our lightweight cardigans for faux fur capes, we embrace winter. The feeling, the mood and all that comes with it are just a few of the reasons why this is my favorite time of the year. I find it especially tricky to maintain a chic wardrobe during these temperature dropping months. I know, it isn’t fair that you have to hide your bomb a$$ outfit under your wool peacoat, so let us rev up our look now while we still can. We must dress for success before it gets so cold that we can’t tell if our bums are numb from the cold or the tightness of our pants after Thanksgiving dinner. But how? With the chicest winter trends ever of course. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

turtle neck flannel skirt

Sweater / Rib-Stitch Turtleneck
Skirt / Wool Zip-Pocket Skirt
Pair with: black tights & these boots

Dress / Let’s Play Mesh Midi Dress
Sweater / Long-Sleeved Cable Knit Dress
Shoes / Fur and Leather Ankle Boot
Emily Schuman does it here.



Sweater / Knit Square Sweater
Pants / Silence + Noise Side-Panel Point Pant
Pair with: this bag & these shoes


Men Hate, We Love

The other day, I found myself engaged in a conversation about the motives of a modern day girl’s dress-code. It was between myself, a sometimes man repelling dresser, and a guy completely repelled by one piece of women’s clothes. It went like this:

Guy: “Why does every girl wear high waisted shorts? Why can’t y’all just wear regular pants?”

Me: “Because the point of them [high-waisted shorts] is to emphasize your waist and regular pants emphasize your thighs and hips which are bigger on most girls.”

Guy: “I get that but they are just so unattractive. They look like grandma pants.”

Me: “I don’t care I wear what I want. I like high-waisted things so I wear them.”

Guy: “If you dress to impress us but we don’t like those [high waisted shorts] so why would y’all wear them?”

Me: “Girls- Well don’t dress to impress guys.”

Guy: “Then who do you dress for?”

Me: “Myself. I could care less if guys like my clothes or not.”

Today, I found myself scanning over a majority of articles with titles like “What Guys Really Think About High-Waisted Shorts” and “Why Girls Should Stop Wearing High-Waisted Shorts” with headlines varying from “they make great ass diapers” to “they’re boner killers.”

And that got me thinking about all of the trends men hate but we love and why we shouldn’t shouldn’t let that faze us. So. I want to try to tackle a trend every week in order to give you that confidence to wear it even if your male friends don’t like it.