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The No BS Guide to Buying Swimwear

WARNING: This is a no-bullsh*t guide for finding the right swimwear for your body type. Sure swimsuit trends are important but we all know what we care about most, how to have every guy’s eyes on us. Don’t be embarrassed, why would you not want to always be on your A-game?

FOR THE FLAT CHESTED: Not only were we cursed blessed with joining the infamous itty bitty titty committee, but finding swimsuits to flatter our type is almost impossible. I’ve learned that our best bet is to embrace it and go with a top that is embellished or contains ruffles to give the illusion of a larger chest. Remember, bandeaus are our worst nightmare and halters are our friends.


Push-up Bikini Top, $17.99; Wrap Bralette, $40.50

FOR THE SHORT TORSO: After seeing this you’re probably like wow, thanks for giving me another body feature to worry about. But worry nonetheless because we have an easy fix for this. The trick to elongating your torso is by adding length up top and drawing up the bust. When shopping, keep in mind low-rise bottoms and halter tops which will create the illusion of a longer torso.


SwimMarysia Spring, $145; Blue Life Eclipse Crochet Bikini, $88

FOR THE GIRLS W/ BACK PROBLEMS: I have a friend who is larger than most up top and constantly complains about her back pain. I find it almost comical that girls with small breast pray for big ones while those of you born fully developed, wish nothing but. Anyway, your wardrobe is most likely picked keeping in mind your level of support so why shouldn’t your swimwear be as well? Let’s look for underwire and thicker straps with double-stitched bands to keep from having an uh-oh while playing in the waves.


Lucia Underwired Non Padded Halter, $23.50; Belted Cut Out Plunge, $40

FOR THE ATHLETIC BODY: If you’ve learned anything from this it is that the goal in picking the right swimwear is by creating the right illusions. The goal here is to give off the illusion of more curves. Therefore, go with ruffles, cups, floral or bright prints but definitely not bandeaus or boy shorts.

asosplanet blue

Made by Dawn Petal 2, $115; Canne We Kiss Halter Top, $95

FOR THE BROAD SHOULDERS: The trick here is to draw attention away from the outer lines of your body and towards the center. Go with patterns that accentuate the waist while keeping the base of the suit a simple color. Symmetrical stripes draw the attention away from the eyes as well as asymmetrical tops.


Eclipse Crisscross One-Piece Swimsuit, $154; Seea Vintage Rose, $88

BIG HIPS, SKINNY LEGS: When I write this I think of a friend with this exact body type. I would kill for her muscular physique and have always been jealous of how toned her body is. She however, wishes she had curves and is so excited when she can play them off. So the trick here is to balance out your shoulders and your hips. By elongating your clavicle (shoulder bones), you will create the illusion of a balanced out body.


BeachRiot Caeser One Piece, $132; Miss Hayworth, $39

LOVE HANDLES: How we love to hate our love handles. We’ve literally spent hours on hours in the gym trying to shed our little “friends” but they are as driven as us during swimsuit season (LOL). Luckily, there is such an easy fix for this. You might as well start thanking the God’s now for creating high-waisted bottoms.


Ruffle High Waist, $88; Out from Under Ruched High-Waisted Bikini, $42