Upbeat Buckhead, Georgia

For so long, I was so excited for the beginning of June. We had three big trips planned and my 21st birthday celebration — all within the first two weeks! Now that it is finally here and we are about to Read More

14 Adult-ish Birthday Resolutions

In less then a week I will be celebrating my 21st birthday. Although I’m still in college and figuring out life, I feel like this is the first un-official shift into the real world. Some of you are probably thinking  Read More

1 Shirt, 6 Ways

How many times have you stood in your closet and said the words, “I have nothing to wear.” Well, I am officially calling bs on that excuse and proving to you how simple it is to create a look. Read More

Aztec Poncho + Gold Plated Boots

After living in Louisiana for 18 years, I’ve learned to always dress in layers. The weather here is more bipolar than a girl during “that time of the month.” For example, Christmas day was 80*+ and New Years Eve was 50*-. You never know whatcha gonna get living down here, thats why we swear by sweaters and ponchos. Read More

Whiskey Top + Sparkly Skirt

New Years Eve parties are my favorite to get dressed up for. Everyone aims to look their best because the outfit you choose is the first thing you’ll be wearing as you start the New Year (Duh!). I also love it because there’s always so much glitter and sparkle to go around. Oh, and the Champagne, you can’t forget about the Champagne. Read More