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I am just as human as you are, therefore some days I feel lazy and completely uninspired. When I have this type of “writer’s block,” I feel like I possibly can never overcome it. The good thing is, I always do and most of the time my rut is beneficial because it allows my creative juices to start flowing faster than before. I find that I dig myself out of this hole the same ways each time. And this is how. {Sorry for the lengthy post, but you will want to read it all.}

1. Step away

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t have a hundred things on my mind. Therefore, when I am sitting down to write sometimes, my mind often wonders. A trick I’ve learned to fight this is to walk away and forget about everything on my to-do list for a few minutes. Here I will allow myself a set amount of time to scroll through my Instagram feed or do something that doesn’t require much thought so when I’m ready I can get back to business with a clear mind.

2. Feed off of others

The best person for me to creatively collaborate with is my famously mentioned friend, Lily. We will meet for lunch knowing that our main goal is to come up with new and exciting content. Our ideas will bounce off of each other until it finally results into something bloggable. This is a good habit that you can initiate by simply finding a friend with the same innovative mind as yours.

3. The best instruments are already given

This is one of my favorite ways to pass unproductive time. Let’s say I’m trying to write a new piece on outfit inspiration but nothing fresh comes to mind, what do I do? I’ll start decoding some of my favorite websites. Scrolling through glamorous pictures usually sparks ideas for me. Websites I would consider checking out are TheyAllHateUs.com, Tumblr.com, Pinterest.com.


This may sound so cliche that you will forever shame this blog but reading an inspirational quote is one of the most efficient ways to help me strive. I will forever be obsessed with Pinterest which means I’m on it all the time and have created a pretty large inventory of inspirational quotes [you can also find some here]. Normally, I would go to my page, read a few, then start writing.

5. Think about the future

I think this is one of the hardest ones for me and will most likely be for others as well. If I have something important that needs completing but I wait until the last minute, I usually find myself wanting to draw the line. Then I think of the future. I think about how not putting effort into this certain situation might result in me failing in something down the road. Luckily, there are apps and websites to help you. You can download simple “To-Do List” apps that will help you manage your time more efficiently. I am also a big fan of the basic calendar app because it allows me to see an overview of what I need to get done within a certain time frame. One of my favorite websites to make this process a little easier is Kabbage. This is a website which can effectively help any small business succeed.

Courtesy of Kabbage.com.

Comment below and let me know if any of these steps appeal to you.
What works for you?


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