Designer Bag Collection + Similar One’s For Cheap!

Let’s talk bags. Growing up, I loved nothing more than designer bags and would use the excuse of birthdays, holidays, etc. as a way to get a new one. Over the year’s, I have accumulated a hefty collection (see below). Although I looove my bags and am so grateful for all of them, I often find myself reaching for my Read More

Gift Guide: For the Home Body (UNDER $100)

We all have that one friend who takes a little too much convincing to leave her house. A lot of times, it’s hard to shop for her because although you know she’d die over anything home decor, her house is already a living master piece. The trick is to pick things that are rich in taste and trendy in style because there is a chance she wouldn’t buy it for herself.

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Darling’s Night Out

Friday night was a fabulous night for not only myself but my two best friends as well. As a perfect way to start off the Christmas break, we celebrated Lily’s  birthday at a fancy restaurant dressed to the nines. The food was divine, the atmosphere was sophisticated, and the service was lovely.  We also used this dinner to exchange gifts [thank you darlings, I love them all] and catch up after a stressful week of testing. It was a much needed night that resulted in an overload of candid moments.

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