Bell Sleeve Button Down + Pink Sneaks

It’s me, back again with those silly self-timer look of the days! Sorry, these are not the best quality photos but I was running short on time and didn’t have my photographer friend on hand. Today is my first day back in retail (WAHOO!), hints why I am actually looking put together today. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you guys this amazing Read More

Floral Embroidered Top + Pink Sneaks

Wow, it’s been a minute since my last outfit post! One thing I miss about working in retail is getting to dress up everyday and always having new content for you guys. I do dress up often but always forget to snap a pic. So today, I embraced Read More

My #1 Style Secret (That You Can Steal)!

Because almost my entire life revolves around design, I’ve experimented with ways to separate my personal style from the next. This is one of the most important things when trying to keep things unique and interesting from every other person you might see on your feed. It also allows people to feel a sense of relief and relatability in your work because there is something that they recognize in each piece. One of my biggest decorating and/or styling tips is- Read More

Suede Striped Shift Dress

You’re either going to laugh or roll your eyes when you hear how these photos came about. Me and Avery were on our way to Baton Rouge for yet another last minute road trip, ,dejavu right, when Waze took us totally off grid. We were driving through some hick town with nothing anywhere near us. That’s when we started to appreciate this scenic route. We drove passed fields and fields of green grass and sugar cane before Avery finally convinced me to pull over. And thank gosh we had my camera in the back seat because we had a blast taking these photos! (Side note: I think we made a cop’s day when he pulled over to make sure we were okay and we told him we had just stopped to take pictures. Typical millennial’s.)


Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Morgan Claire Boutique Shift 

Photos by @AveryWalton



LSU vs. Mizzou


I am a firm believer in road trips. There’s nothing more exciting than waking up wanting an adventure. And that is exactly how Avery and I ended up in Baton Rouge one Saturday. I remember calling her and saying “Good morning! It’s such a beautiful day. Let’s take a road trip.” And that we did. It was one of the most fun road trips I have ever taken because the stress of planning it was absent. We didn’t even care if we would make it in time for the game, we just wanted to drive with the windows down and feel the cool air.


Morgan Claire Boutique Chocker / Benjamin Jay Tee