11 Quotes To Motivate Your Inner #GirlBoss

We’ve grown up with parents telling us that we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to, but the world tells us differently. Often times, our abilities are limited by the words of others and sometimes even the beliefs within ourselves. I am a firm believer in finding inspiration through others and that’s why I am so hooked Read More

7 Quotes for a Successful Week

Hello, lovelies. Today is Monday. Therefore, today is a new day. Let us wake up fresh faced and motivated. Make our bulleted “to-do” list and get everything done. I know sometimes our life craves motivation so here are 7 quotes that will give you the boost to get your sh*t done today. Read More

7 Bible Verses to Get Us Through the Week

This weekend hit me like a ton of bricks. It was a very emotionally draining weekend that I won’t be able to look past for a while. This week is exam week. Exam week is enough on its own, let alone going into it with a fuzzy mind. Therefore, I need some serious inspiration to keep on keeping on. Read More

Weekly Quote

This week is hell week for all design majors. So please, pray for us. 

“God is within her. She will not fall.”

Psalm 46:3

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