Girl’s Night told by Chrissy Teigen

So it is Wednesday night, ladies night, and you and your girlfriends are looking for some “innocent fun.” Take no shame in celebrating the mid-week by staying out late and skipping your eight am. Everyone does it but this is how (recent birthday girl) Chrissy Teigen does it.

The night has just started and you are totally feeling your look (and so is everyone else). You studied your butt of for that bio exam and guess what?! You passed with flying colors. So what better way to celebrate than by dolling up for the night and feeling A++.


Once everyone is ready, you prepare a pose in the mirror and feel blessed for having such a genetically gifted group of girlfriends. “Damn, we look hot.” May be thrown around two or three times.


Your cousin is dating one of the bartenders so you and your friends get to skip that dreadful line. You can see the jealousy in everyone else’s eyes so you blow them an totally non-sarcastic air kiss as you fairly cut them. Momma always says “its who you know.”


The Weeknd comes on and it puts you in your feels. No need to say more.


Then Fetty Wap comes on because Fetty Wap always happens to come on. At first you’re like “ugh this song is getting so old” but then Drake’s verse comes on and you can’t help but be like


A really cute guy offers to buy you a shot but you’re all like “can you put it in a cup please” because you don’t want to be called to Standards. He won’t because he feels it will “lessen his masculinity” so he walks away. Stupid sorority rules.


You are getting desperate for a drink so you decide to take matter into your own hands. You think to yourself, “I look hot. I look twenty-one. I can totally pull this off.”


So you set fire to your amazing flirtation skills. You get a few rounds but fail to tip because “hey, you are a broke college student too” and the bartender threatens to kick you out for being underage if you don’t start tipping. And you’re just like..


So you laugh it off and get back to the dance floor because you aren’t going to let something like this ruin your night. So you selfie it out because makeup like this needs to be seen by all of your snapchat besties.


“Holy sh*t that’s the guy from my math class” One of your friends say and then all of the fantasies she’s told you about are coming to life.


That last Sex On the Beach left you feeling incredibly ballsy so you decide its finally time for this guy to understand your friends amazingness. But she knows you so well that before you can even move an inch your life is being threatened if you don’t keep your mouth shut.


By now you’re feeling exhausted and you start making your rounds so everyone can get one last look and to give your friends a heads up that its ’bout time to go.


The myth is true. You don’t realize how drunk you are until you sit down. But who cares because you had a great time and now you’re just ready to jump into bed. Yes we go to bed looking like this too.




What to Wear: Senior Pictures

I know, as do many other girls who have been in this position, that it is very difficult to decide on outfits when taking senior pictures. You feel as if you have this weird obligation to make sure that when you look at these photos twenty years from now you wont question your state of mind when picking out these totally unappealing outfits. So, I thought I’d share with you the thought process that went behind mine in hopes that it will calm your ease.

senior pictures- classic victorian

The Location: I told my photographer, Kimbrali, exactly what I had envisioned and she did an amazing job of finding my location. I told her I wanted people to feel like they were flipping through an Anthropologie magazine while looking through my photos. I had specifics in mind: paint peeling off the walls, brick, big windows. Basically sent from heaven above was the Grand Opera House in Crowley, LA.

senior pictures - keepin it fun

The Look: I was very picky while picking out my outfits. I wanted pieces that are classy enough to be appreciated by my grandparents but fashionable enough to embody my daily wardrobe. Naturally, my color scheme ended up being timeless colors such as white, rose, peach, teal, and a pop of orange. Originally, I was only going to wear two outfits but ended up slipping into my back up looks just because they went so well with the backdrop. I limited myself to two very versatile pairs of shoes in order to tie the different looks together.

senior pictures - crisp and clean

The Accessories: Something to remember while styling your outfits is to keep jewelry and accessories at little to none. I see lots of photos of girls with big necklaces or colorful stoned bracelets which only distract the viewer from the main point of the photo — you. I chose to keep it simple with only a gold bangle (a similar style here) and almost natural makeup.

senior pictures - modern elegance

The Necessities: Makeup for touch ups is an obvious one but one thing I brought that I so recommend is a beats pill. If you have one bring it. But if not any kind of portable speaker will work. Having music playing in the background made it easier for me to relax and not feel so awkward while trying to pose.

Tip: Also, something I did to help prep me for the day was spending time looking through my favorite magazines and studying the way the women in it posed. The chair idea came straight out of an Anthropologie December catalog. This also helps you feel more experienced when you get there.

Victoria_Stinson_Senior044 Victoria_Stinson_Senior045

Maybe even slip one in with your momma b/c she probably rocks.


by Kimbrali

I can’t even put into words the amount of excitement and anxiety myself and my fellow classmates are feeling about the upcoming weeks. I will officially become a “has-been” to such a great school that I am so grateful to have been apart of for the last four years. But I am also so excited for the next few months because I have so many surprises in store. Can’t wait. xx




Dress / Planet Blue

Shoes / Anthropologie


Victoria_Stinson_Senior029Victoria_Stinson_Senior030 (1)



Shirt & Shoes / Anthropologie

Skirt / Made by Me (see)




Shirt / Anthropologie

Skirt / Urban Outfitters






Dress / Made by Me

Photos taken by the amazing Kimbrali Boyd.

**Check back later for inspiration behind these pictures.**


Friday Fives

Happy Friday to all of my lovely followers. I hope your week went by as quickly as mine did and I hope your happiness carries you into the weekend. After being particularly busy as of late, I haven’t found the time to post consistently over the past few weeks. Hopefully this bad habit will fix itself within the next week. But for now enjoy these five things I came across as I procrastinated work this week. xx

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