Finding Newness In An Old Relationship

Before my Junior year I never gave dating a second thought. I felt that at such a young age it would be pointless and that I should focus all of my energy on school and growing as a person. But what I didn’t realize is that being in a relationship actually made me grow the most. This may seem like an obvious result of being in any relationship but it was never something I took into consideration. My boyfriend and I Read More

7 Ideas for A Perfect Valentine (Guaranteed)

I recently wrote about my thoughts on our perception of a modern Valentine’s day. I hope you all read it and understand what I mean when I speak about materializing a holiday (to a certain extent). The other day, I was having a conversation with a guy (basically a stranger) who was telling me about his girlfriend’s Valentine’s gifts. Yes I mean “gifts,” as in plural. He said, “I bought her a dress, earrings, a matching necklace and perfume. And I’ll get her flowers of course.” The whole time I was thinking to myself Read More

11 Things Every Man Should Own

Assuming you’re a newbie to fashion, you have yet to learn the importance of a closet staple. It is something that is versatile and can be wore for many occasions and in many different ways. For most women a fashion staple would be the LBD (little black dress). Something that doesn’t really go out of style and isn’t necessarily too trendy. Because wardrobe staples aren’t talked about as much for men, it might be hard to acquire an understanding of what your wardrobe needs. Below are 11 pieces that deserve a home in your closet because just by doing that, it’ll make your lifestyle more attractive.
Closet Staples for Men Dressy

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