7 Style Tips for a Stylish Summer

There is nothing that I love more than scrolling through my Pinterest feed each day. I feel like it is the coolest invention – a completely virtual and attainable mood board. You can control exactly how your thoughts are organized and it is Read More

My Everyday Beauty Essentials

One of the most fascinating things about following influencers and bloggers is getting a small look into their daily life. An aspect of their lives that has always inspired me is their beauty, skin and hair regime. I think it’s so interesting learning about Read More

Lemonade World Tour + Hair ‘Spiration

All my life, I’ve had naturally curly hair so I’ve never done much with it. It wasn’t until recently that I started playing around with it and experimenting with braids. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten Read More

How To Go 5 Days Without Washing Your Hair

I use to swear by washing my hair every day. I have naturally curly hair and living in the South, it tends to frizz easily. Therefore, I can only really maintain one good day with a fresh wash. The perfumes in my shampoo/conditioners made my hair itch mid-day after washing it. I finally switched to Read More