Do These 5 Things to Feel More Accomplished Everyday

If you’re like me, you are the type of person who loves making lists and anything color-coded. You like to end each day feeling like you have accomplished something. Whether that be learning more about a new topic, organizing your calendar, or cooking instead of dining out. With the first week of the semester in full force, I thought I’d share with you some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way to make sure I end each day feeling productive. I am also very intrigued by other people’s rituals and daily habits so please feel free to share some of your own in the comments below!

Do Something Beneficial Right When You Wake Up

img_4684.jpgBack in high school, I read an article about how making your bed each morning would make you a more successful person (LOL). While making your bed might not be the key to success, accomplishing something right when you wake up will give you more motivation for the rest of your day.

The point here is to start each day by doing something productive. That could mean making your bed, meditating, taking your dog on a walk, etc. There are endless possibilities as long as you start somewhere.

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Find A Podcast You Love

ifl4cl-wIt wasn’t until I came across Sophia Amoruso’s podcast series, Girl Boss, that I actually found interest in podcasts. In each episode, she interviews inspiring female entrepreneurs about their real-life stories and the steps they took to get where they are today. There are over one hundred 45-minute episodes with captivating women like Gwenyth Paltrow, Aurora James, Jen Atkins, Leandra Medine, Rupi Kaur and the list goes on.

I find myself getting excited to listen to each episode when I’m driving through traffic or walking on campus. It is merely impossible to truly dissolve every piece of advice they give but I always find myself writing key tips or statements down that really stick out to me. I just feel like I am nourishing my mind so much more by listening to these inspiring and motivated woman rather than just listening to the radio.

Invest in A Planner

IMG_5189.JPGWhen I tell you that I’ve probably tried every planner under the sun, you best believe me. I am a natural organizer and planner fean. I have tried everything from basic Target Planners to Plum Paper to Erin Condren to Passion Planner. My hands down favorite will forever be The Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas. Not only can you get this at Hobby Lobby or  Michael’s with a 25% off coupon (I snagged mine for $9 when Michael’s was having a massive sale) but it is completely customizable. It’s paper products have a specific type of bind that allows you to easily insert organizable sections or remove entries without puncturing the paper.

Another one of my Happy Planner favorites is that the daily calendar layout is vertical instead of the normal horizontal elementary layout. This is such a staple for my creative brain because it allows me to see each day’s tasks right next to each other. Which only makes sense because our brain reads things from left to right.

Do Something For Your Mind + Body

IMG_5192.JPGWhile this may be different for everyone, my biggest way to relieve stress is to get my body moving. My current favorite way to do that is to attend a boxing class every evening. This is such a big thing for me because I get to push myself each day with a strenuous workout and I always feel so proud after completing it. I also tend to eat healthier and consume more water during the days I have a workout planned and sleep so much better. Everyone should have a hobby that makes them feel bad a$$, and this is mine.

Another great (low-key) way to exercise your mind and body is to attend a yoga class or meditate for five minutes. I’ve heard great things about the meditating app Headspace and how it’s really improved people’s daily moods and sleep cycles.

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Learn Something New

Oh-Tilly-Lifestyle-Lady-Boss-003.jpgThis could be anything from following a factual Instagram page, listening to a podcast about the up and coming, signing up for a “word of the day” subscription, or browsing through websites like Science News that talk about health discoveries and worldly topics.

Taking the time to learn something new every day whether it’s something big or small, will allow you to end each day feeling like you’ve accomplished something new.

I really hope you guys can take something from this post and incorporate it into your daily lives. Good luck with this new season of life!


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