My #1 Style Secret (That You Can Steal)!

Because almost my entire life revolves around design, I’ve experimented with ways to separate my personal style from the next. This is one of the most important things when trying to keep things unique and interesting from every other person you might see on your feed. It also allows people to feel a sense of relief and relatability in your work because there is something that they recognize in each piece. One of my biggest decorating and/or styling tips is-

Wait, you didn’t think I’d give it up that easy did you?

 Before I tell you, look at these pictures and notice how you are weirdly satisfied with each of them.


If you haven’t already figured it out. My biggest styling secret is T E X T U R E. At first you might be like, really? That is it. But bear with me for a second. Think about the coziest bed of your dreams. It wouldn’t be a simple flat sheet with two pillows. Shoot, that would keep me out of bed! You probably imaged something more along the lines of this


Okay, me rn.

Anyway, the thing all of these beds have in common is that they are all built up of layers that you wanna just fall into. We are naturally more attracted to layers and build up of textures because they bring us more comfort. Same goes for fashion/style.


You can achieve texture by layering jewelry, adding a straw hat, throwing in some fun fabrics. Whatever makes ya happy.  But just remember: so like, yes, less is more but like, more texture is best.


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