My 4 Favorite (and Affordable) Athletic Shops

You guys, I am so excited to share this post with you today because I feel like I have really hit the athletic-wear jackpot. As I mentioned in my 14 Adult-ish Birthday Resolutions post, I recently took up boxing. And my weekly goal is to make 3-4 classes per week. Now as much as I love working out I don’t think I could wake up at 5 am to do it every morning before work (kudos to you if you can!). With that being said, I am usually racing from work to make a 5:45 boxing class. Like literally racing. So I have to always be prepared. And with attending 3-4 classes per week I’ve had to build a pretty hefty athletic wardrobe so I don’t find myself stressing to do laundry every night. In this post, I’m going to share with you my favorite places to shop athleisure and the best high-intensity training pieces for all your bad a$$ ladies! Because I truly believe that when you feel good you do better. And I want you to get all the compliments!

For reference: I get all of my shirts, shorts, and leggings in a size small. I’m 5’3″, 34″ bust, 27″ waist, 37″ hips.

Old Navy ($)


I only recently discovered Old Navy activewear and haven’t hesitated to recommend it to anyone since. They have such cute patterns that help keep your looks fun. Their leggings are my favorite because they are super high rise which means they don’t fall and they hold everything in. I picked up this tropical print a few weeks ago and they’re on sale right now (paired with the white shirt I linked)!!

I also really love their athletic shorts but found that they are better for athleisure rather than high-intensity training. They’re on the shorter side and super lightweight but I feel like I have to pull them down constantly when doing squat jumps, high knees, etc.

Keep in mind I do find that Old Navy clothes tend to shrink so I try to size up in the tops.

Target ($$)


My favorite workout piece I’ve ever gotten from Target is a sports bra. It is literally the best one I have ever owned!! It’s super cute and strappy which looks adorable with an open back top but it also Yasss (insert clapping hand emoji). Target has really been stepping it up lately with the trendy pieces and I keep finding myself visiting time and time again.

Athleta ($$$)


My mom has been ordering from Athleta for years now but I never gave them a second thought until I found myself in their store a few weeks ago. And boy am I glad I gave them a try. I get so many compliments on each piece of theirs and really love the feel of all of their clothes. It feels very high end without breaking the bank (their clothes range from $20-100) and you can see the quality in the cuts and materials.

The three pieces I linked are all three items that I have because I wanted to give an honest review. The shirt is as soft as butter and really fits the body well which keeps it intact during a high movement workout. The small is also the perfect length on my (5’3″) body so it covers just the right places. And don’t even get me started on the shorts!! They are literally my favorite ever. I love them because they are such a great length. I don’t find myself running into the same problems as I recently mentioned with Old Navy shorts. They are both great additions to athleisure looks and hold their own while exercising. I cannot wait to order more!

Fabletics ($$)


I discovered Fabletics three years ago and quickly fell in love with their leggings. They are the kind of leggings that firm and lift everything. All three pairs that I have tremendously satisfied me. The best thing about Fabletics is that you can pay a monthly membership fee and get insane deals. Like right now they have a promo going on valued at $99 which is 2 pairs of leggings for only $24. And if you don’t see yourself needing new  workout clothes every month, you can simply call and skip a month with no fees! It is totally worth it because their clothes are so fab.

What are your favorite athletic shops??


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