7 Style Tips for a Stylish Summer

There is nothing that I love more than scrolling through my Pinterest feed each day. I feel like it is the coolest invention – a completely virtual and attainable mood board. You can control exactly how your thoughts are organized and it is ultimately a home for some of our greatest inspiration.

With all the time that I spend on Pinterest, I’ve compiled a pretty hefty board of things I am dying to try, design or wear. Here are the top pins I’m pinning and how to re-create them!

The Chic Hair Bandana


 If you follow any type of influencer or blogger on social media I’m sure you’ve already seen a fair share of this hairstyle. It is retro, chic, and can totally elevate any outfit. If you remember way back when I took this style for a spin after buying myself a Louis Vuitton scarf. I can’t wait to bring it back and accessorize with it this summer! (Love this one from Urban Outfitters.)

A Fresh Way to Mani


A new personal goal for me is to pay attention to the little details. Not only in life but with myself and my daily looks. I feel like it says a lot about someone who is always put together and has a fresh mani. I dig it. Here is the how-to on the coolest summer-mani by A Beautiful Mess.

The Boater Hat


We watched as the newsboy style hat made its way for Fall but now an entirely different trend is surfacing. It is called the “boater hat” and it’s more of an everyday formal hat. Personally, I love the look and can’t wait to get my hands on one for summer. I am also loving the rotation of accessories that are becoming more trendy! Shop similar here and here.

See: DIY Eugenia Kim inspired floppy hat

Sparkling White Kicks


I’ve always been a fan of athleisure styled shoes paired with an everyday look. But for some reason, I keep buying them in shades of light pink (see here) even though I’ve been dying to get my hands on some white ones! I love the idea of pairing sneakers with a t-shirt dress or mini skirt. It is such a great way to keep a look casual! Shop my favorites here, here, here and here.

Knot-So-Messy Low Bun


I strongly believe this style is popping up everywhere after being captivated by the very chic Meghan Markle (now Dutchess of Sussex). It gives off such a cool girl vibe while also looking sophisticated and put together. You can learn step by step on how to steal Meghan’s iconic look here or try out this fun version for summer!

Checkered Print Goddess


I noticed this gingham pattern popping up as when I began swimsuit shopping in early Spring. It’s so fun and versatile and weirdly reminds me of the smock dresses my mom dressed me in as a little girl (smock dresses + big bows only until I was like 5, literally). I love that this style is popping up in dresses, swimsuits, blouses, you name it.

Check out the chic ways these bloggers styled it: The Editorialist La, Unknown, Creme de la Claire

The Updated Hand Bag


You guys, these whicker handbags have been taking over my Pinterest/Instagram feed lately. Case in point, meet the new “it” bag for the season. Pair it with your boater hat and wallah, you’ve got yourself a look. If you want to tackle this trend, I recommend skipping the splurge because it is just a trend. Luckily for us, Target has so many cute ones on hand!

Follow these trends and you’ll have yourself one stylish summer!


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