14 Adult-ish Birthday Resolutions

In less then a week I will be celebrating my 21st birthday. Although I’m still in college and figuring out life, I feel like this is the first un-official shift into the real world. Some of you are probably thinking “Are you crazy?? Twenty-one.. let’s party!” but I am so eager to get professional life rollin’ it’s not even funny. Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to enjoy the time while I have it but I also want to start filling away inspiration for later down the road.

As you probably know by now, I am a researcher. That is one of the many reasons I started my blog so that I could research things and have a platform to save and share them on. During my research and personal experiences, I have come across so many inspiring pieces of advice, life tips, etc. that I thought it might be a good idea to jot them down and share them with you. If you look in my camera roll you’ll find so many random quotes and graphics that I save whenever I come across. It is always nice to have inspiring things on hand because you never know when you’ll need to extra umph. So, I created some graphics with 14 lifestyle habits that I will be taking with me into this new year!


#1. Complete the hardest task first: If you knock off the hardest thing on your to-do list first, the rest of your day will be easier and more than likely involve things you find an interest in!


#2. Find yourself a mentor: I’ve read countless times that one of the best ways to succeed in life is to find someone you look up to and utilize them as your aspiration and help in getting to the places you want to be. All in all, this person has had different life experiences than you and will always be able to lend some kind of advice.


#3. Rocking Social Media: Your social media platform is one of the best ways to put yourself out there! It is your free-zone to show off your personality and create a small community of like-minded people. Just be careful with what you post. If you second guess yourself, don’t post it. A future employer might utilize your social media as a way to get a feel for you before coming in the interview. Take advantage of this!


#5. Always, wear nice shoes: This tip came directly from a business owner. Think about it, you are less likely to focus on the state of your shoes compared to your blouse while getting dressed. Our original thought is this is the last thing someone will notice, if they notice at all. But always having clean, expensive-looking (emphasis on the “looking”) shoes will show your boss or future business partner that you have an attention to even the smallest of detail. It will also prove that you care about every aspect when representing yourself to someone else.


#6. Learn how to write a professional email: I did a lot of research on this early on. A few things I came across: always open addressing who the email is for (it gives it more of a personal feeling), use as little words as possible (you don’t want the person to think you think they have nothing better to do than read your essay of an email), closing in “thanks in advance” gives you a better chance of receiving a reply (better alternatives: thank you for considering my request or thank you for any help you can provide). I recommend doing your own research because there are tons of other things that go into writing a professional email! Maybe, we can do a blog post about them one day.


#7. Love the process: You more than likely will not start off in your dream job. Sucess takes time and time takes patience. Whether we like it or not, it will be a process. But since we can’t do anything about it, appreciating it and taking in as much as you can along the way will only add to your success. A small way to start practicing this mentality would be to reply with a positive response when you hear a negative complaint from a coworker. Whether it’s “there are only two more days until Friday” or asking about fun weekend activities, your peers will respect you and appreciate working with you.


#8. Invest in your home: Your home is your oasis that you turn to at the end of a hard day. Why not invest in it with things that relax you and bring you comfort? It is one of the few things that you can totally control and make it your own. Making a habit of fixing your bed every morning and spending Sunday’s tidying up with all help you feel more relaxed during your week.


#9. Find a relief: This should be something you thoroughly enjoy and can use as your outlet. It is so hard to get caught up in the bustle of everyday life that you forget to take time for yourself. My relief is working out, more specifically boxing. I found someone who is as committed to going as I am and we make it point to go almost every night. I find myself looking forward to our evening texts scheduling for the next day and enjoy each class even more! It’s small things like that we need to make time for in our busy schedules.


#10. Wear lipstick: While this isn’t always a realistic habit, I make it a point to wear lipstick to any important daytime events but always to anything happening after five o’clock. I’ve read countless studies about how women wearing lipstick are perceived as more confident and/or like they have their ish together.


#11. Ask for feedback: Doing so will give your bosses and peers a greater respect for you. It shows that you value their time and judgment because you want to change any bad habits that might affect the company in any way.


#12. Develop a routine: My tried and true routine is my nightly and morning skincare routine. It is something that has taken lots of trial and error to perfect but I can honestly say my skin has never felt better. (I’ll make sure to do a full post on all of my products very soon!) This everyday routine helps me to feel accomplished and it is nice to always start and end my days the same.


#13. Hydrate: I’ve always been a big fan of water so this step has been a habit since early on. But when I started boxing my water intake vs. water loss ratio wasn’t enough to help my body get through the tough workouts. So I got this 32 oz flask and find myself easily refilling it three to four times a day. It subconsciously knocks out my everyday requirement while drastically reducing my carbon footprint. Both big benefits.


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