The 2018 Color of the Year Is…

Good morning, and happy New Year! I know I’m 17 days late but it’s never too late to get a hold of your resolutions and identify the new year. Every year, Pantone announces what they believe will be the next “hot” color in design. This year’s 2018 color of the year is…


Ultra Violet!

I’ll admit that when I heard it was in the purple family I was a little hesitant because purple isn’t a color you’d normally incorporate into your daily looks. But, when I started to research the color (aka “Pin-search”) I noticed that with a little bit of experimenting, this could be a really fun color. Ringing in the new year is all about adventure and what better way to adventure than to incorporate such a lively new color into your wardrobe, beauty or home decor!


How will you incorporate ultraviolet into your wardrobe?


2 thoughts on “The 2018 Color of the Year Is…

  1. I looooove wearing purple! It’s such an elegant color. Ultraviolet is even more fun and pairs so well with gold. I hope it makes it to affordable fashion in the year 2018. High street fashion usually sees an emergence with the color of the year and affordable retailers trickle in and copy.

    Beautiful pictures, great post!



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