How to Throw a Galentine’s Party

You may be reading this and thinking “Victoria, Valentine’s day is short of a month away. There are so many other important things happening right now.”  But it’s never too early to start party planning! Whether you or in a relationship or not, get a bunch of your girlfriends together, throw some pink decorations up and celebrate your friendship. There is really nothing better than having a strong group of girls to back you when life gets tough. So why do we need an excuse to celebrate that?

Anytime I actually have free time I spend it aimlessly scrolling through my Pinterest feed. Not because I am that bored but because that’s the best place to go to get your artistic wheels turning and find some inspiration. So if you still aren’t convinced that you need to throw a Galentine’s party, maybe these sweet pins will give you some inspiration. Happy Friday!


by Squirrelly Minds


Stay tuned for a step by step on executing the perfect Galentine’s party. From where to get your party decor to how to decorate the perfect cake!



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