Suede Striped Shift Dress

You’re either going to laugh or roll your eyes when you hear how these photos came about. Me and Avery were on our way to Baton Rouge for yet another last minute road trip, ,dejavu right, when Waze took us totally off grid. We were driving through some hick town with nothing anywhere near us. That’s when we started to appreciate this scenic route. We drove passed fields and fields of green grass and sugar cane before Avery finally convinced me to pull over. And thank gosh we had my camera in the back seat because we had a blast taking these photos! (Side note: I think we made a cop’s day when he pulled over to make sure we were okay and we told him we had just stopped to take pictures. Typical millennial’s.)


Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Morgan Claire Boutique Shift 

Photos by @AveryWalton



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