How To Go 5 Days Without Washing Your Hair

I use to swear by washing my hair every day. I have naturally curly hair and living in the South, it tends to frizz easily. Therefore, I can only really maintain one good day with a fresh wash. The perfumes in my shampoo/conditioners made my hair itch mid-day after washing it. I finally switched to Lanza and I swear, it was the best thing I could’ve done. I can now go three or four days without washing my hair and it feels the same as it did on the first day. And since my hair is curly, it doesn’t get greasy. I actually find that my hair looks better after days of not washing it. My highlights are more vibrant and the curls are firmer. This has saved me lots of time and given me more time to relax at night (insert spa emoji here). So, I am sharing my go-to hairstyles for the days I need a break.

Day One: Au Naturel


This is the best day to wear out your wash. Wear it down and let those healthy locks shine! (And can we please talk about Negin Mirsalehi’s mane? #HairGoals).

Day Two: Half Up Bun


Your day-two hair should be looking just as fresh as day one. But we are gonna mix it up a little bit with a half up-do. This also helps to hold the volume for the next few days. (@barefootblonde)

Day Three: Braided Babes


By day three, your natural texture is getting dampened by you sleeping on it. Throw your hair in a braid or two to hide the dirtiness. This is also a good trick to wear during the day and take out for the night if you have any plans! Beachy waves, baby.

Day Four: Embrace Your Sporty Side


If you’re anything like me, the sportiest you’ll ever be is workout clothes and baseball caps. And there is nothing wrong with that! Embrace your faux sporty side by bringing out that baseball cap on day four.

Day Five: Top Knot That Ish


The best way to hide any hair impurities is with a bun. Especially if your hair tends to get greasy. As I mentioned before, my hair gets frizzy so I use hairspray to smooth it out. This rapped bun is a cute alternative to the basic up-do!

And now that I told you my secret, you know exactly why my hair is up in this picture!


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