7 Ways to Upgrade Your T-Shirt + Jean Look

If you follow me on Instagram or see me on the reg, you will always find me in jeans. Always. And more than likely, my jeans will be accompanied by a plain tee. The ultimate look in my eyes. But wearing the same outfit combination everyday can result in some serious outfit block (yes — the getting dressed version of writer’s block). Meaning, outfits that are just as easy to put together as they are chic. From body suits to denim accessories, here are 7 non t-shirt and jean outfits to steal.


We Wore What

main.original.640x0c.jpgSong of Style

main.original.640x0c-1.jpgDamsel in Dior

d0144637c04d24a4cd7098f2575aae90.jpgThe Blonde Salad

7c7e54b2695243310e2fc2ff56c19000.jpgCupcakes & Cashmere

4f00763c7bcab0ec2c59aa1fbb66f2f0.jpg The Chriselle Factor

71ada3cd772b9cc8cb86bf3f028e5fa9.jpgBarefoot Blonde

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Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.34.17 PM

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