Why Copying Others is Key

I have been fascinated with clothing since I was a little girl. And luckily, I have a very stylish mother who has taught me everything I need to know in order to get dressed in the morning. At a young age, I noticed my friends copying my outfits or buying the same clothes that I own. Oh, did this frustrate me! I was young and looking to stand out among everyone else. Nothing made me cringe more than being “basic.” It wasn’t until I talked to my mom about this situation that I realized how much of a grace it was. She explained to me that the biggest compliment you will ever receive is when someone copies your actions. That means you’re doing something right. From then on, I understood not only what it meant to seek inspiration from others but also to inspire others. It is not an act of copying but that of flattering.

My mind is constantly thinking about style. Whether it be noticing someone else’s outfit or styling my own in my head. It would be impossible for me to get dressed every morning if it wasn’t for the inspiration I seek from my friends, celebrities or other blogger’s looks. Now this doesn’t mean it is okay to copy their looks directly. If you have any interest in fashion, you should want to put your own flair on your look. But it is good to remember that your greatest moments happen when you are greatly influenced by others. Just a little food for thought. Happy Monday.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.34.17 PM

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