My Trend Spotting Secret + 3 Trends to Try this Season

In 8th grade, I had to write my first ever research paper. After a lot of consideration (making decisions stresses me out), I decided to research the difference between trends and fads. Afterwards, I was extremely educated on the topic, as you would assume. I am so good that I have Anna Wintour powers and I can predict a trend before it’s even coming. Just kidding! I wish I was freaking Anna Wintour. But I am not, obviously. So, my trick to staying trendy, is studying famous fashion bloggers. They are the deacons of style. Therefore, if they are wearing it, everyone else will follow. That is how you know something is trendy.

The Robe Jacket

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We’ve been seeing great influence of lingerie wear in the fashion world lately. It provides a touch of sensuality to any look. They are also so easy to style. Find a great silk printed one and pair with with a plain tee and fitted jeans for an effortless look. To me the more fun the print, the better the coat. Think Moroccan inspired, World Market textiles.

Statement Denim

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Its no secret that denim is every blogger’s go-to. We live for great fitting jeans that make a statement. Bloggers are the ones that’ll decide whether skinny, bell bottom or cigarette hem is in. I remember when jean shopping use to be easy. Now I’ve realized that denim is anything but ordinary. This is the age where mom jeans are excepted. Trust me, embrace it while you can.

Slippers & Slides

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Who knew that a bedroom inspired staple would go as far as shoes. Bloggers are embracing the “slipper look.” Danielle, from We Wore What, wears them the most. I haven’t tapped in to this trend yet simply because I feel like it is going to be a short lived trend. And I don’t want to invest in a pair of slipper inspired shoes for nothing. The slider trend I do like (think: Birkenstocks). I think they are so chic and fashionable. I’ve seen great takes on these from places like Old Navy, J.Crew, and even Kate Spade.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.34.17 PM

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