When life gives you LEMONS, change the face of art.

Five days ago Beyonce shook our worlds. And four days ago we accepted it.

There comes a time in every girl or women’s life where they are reminded of what kind of bad a$$ women they should be. This happens once every year or so when Beyonce drops a surprise album or releases a new music video. Or both.

My response to the Lemonade movie was similar to that of the Formation music video. This has taught me one thing: to trust the power of Beyonce. Sure the video series is filled with powerful words and sensuality, but it brings something else to the table. Watching this video from an art major’s eye gives me a totally different perspective. This movie is art. The way the scenes are meticulously picked to correspond with the feeling and rhythm. The perfect combination of color in each scene. The hair styles. The outfits. The whole gist of it. It gives me a much greater appreciation. That is why Lemonade is incredible. Its bringing new standards to the connection of art and music.

Here are my favorite moments from the video series.

lemonade 9

Every time I watch this part it amazes me at the realness and wonder of it.

lemonade 2.gif

This is my favorite part of the video. I love that dress and her hair and the rhythm of the music.

She turns into such a boss a** b*tch in this scene that it makes me genuinely proud of her. I mean, if I were Becky with the good hair I’d be runnin.

lemonade 6

Its only right that I’d be drawn to this scene due to my obsession with pigtail braids lately. Oh and also because those moves, her jacket and face paint are all dope.


This part makes me want to get together with my girlfriends, dress up really hot and slay.

The End.


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