HEALTHY Banana + Oatmeal Cookies

PSA: I’ve gotten my hands on a cookie that is equal parts healthy as it is delicious.One of my favorite things in life is chocolate chip cookies. The thought of chocolate chips melting in my mouth is my guilty pleasure. Throughout all of my years of schooling, a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies were my afternoon go-to. I’d bake cookies to congratulate myself on a good grade. I’d bake cookies if my brother and I both had to stay up late. I’d bake cookies just to bake cookies. But now, I can finally bake them without feeling guilty after eating a two (or like 5).

Bake 350* for 15 minutes.


What You’ll Need:

-2 Large Old Bananas

-1 cup of oats

-Chocolate chips (optional)

-Cinnamon (optional)

Step 1: Prepare your ingrediants.

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For my variation of this recipe, I went with a combination of bananas, oats, chocolate chips and cinnamon. I like this recipe because you can alter it based on what you want. You don’t need to add chocolate chips but personally, I think they make it. Make sure to use old bananas for the ripe ones have a different taste and are easier to mix. Using a fork, smoosh the oats and bananas together. If yours looks a little runny, add more oats.

Step 2: Mix it all together.

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I add in the chocolate chips after I have combine the bananas and oats. I also sprinkled a little bit of cinnamon to taste. Some other things you can add here are walnuts, raisins or a  hint of vanilla. This part is up to you. Don’t add too many variants because the cookies won’t hold.

Step 3: Bake.



Be sure to load that pan with baking spray. If not, the banana and oats will stick and you will be scrubbing for days. Cook for 15 minutes at 350* and keep an eye on them to make sure they’re setting nicely. In my opinion, they taste even better refrigerated because the chocolate chips get nice and cold and the banana flavor doesn’t take over.

Step 4: ENJOY!

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Congrats! You made something totally delicious into something relatively healthy. Eat four or five, however many you like. Just think about how many calories you’re saving! 😉


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