Guest Blogger: Creme de la Claire on ‘Gals Helping Gals’

As you know I will be in Haiti this week. Therefore, I asked my blogger bestie Claire to hold down the fort. Have a great week guys and I hope you enjoy this guest article!

I have been noticing a new trend in media lately and I must say, this trend should never go out of style. As of recent a lot of female celebrities have been standing up for and supporting other female celebrities (ie. Ariel Winter defending Kim K’s saucy mirror pic). Whether it be on social media or in the workplace, the girl power has been at an all-time high.

I feel as if women have always had this stigma following us that we are basically a real life version of “the Plastics” from Mean Girls, which is far from true. But if it were true I have always pictured myself as a Karen. I don’t know if I am just one lucky betch but I have always been surrounded by girls who are constantly empowering me to be the best version of myself and actually want to see me succeed.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

This quote^ has been frequenting my Pinterest feed for a while now & every time I see it I always linger on it. At first I found it cheesy but with each time I read it, I resonated with it more and more. Basically saying that you will never find personal growth if you are always comparing yourself to others. Rather, as a bunch of fabulous women living in a man’s world, we must be each other’s #1 fans.
About a year or two ago, my friendship with Victoria began over our similar passions for blogging & the fashion industry. This could have easily been a recipe for disaster, which blogger will come out on top? However, it would be silly to compare Crème de la Claire to Beautiful Chaos because we are two totally different bloggers. Why does one have to be better than the other? I look to Victoria for inspiration in my blog & in my style and similarly, I hope she could turn to me. I am rooting for her to succeed just as much as I am rooting for my own self to succeed!

Beautiful Chaos by Victoria Stinson is on the rise & I look forward to showing some more love to my #bloggerbestie in the future*

xx-Claire Plauche of Crème de la Claire

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