My Formula For Flawless On-Campus Looks

As I previously mentioned, being constantly correlated with fashion leaves you in a rut sometimes. Whether you are prepping for a fashion shoot or heading to the gym, you must always look your best. You never know who you are going to run in to or what opportunities you might miss (trust me, I’ve learned from experience). With that being said, I’ve made it a point to look presentable everyday. Hopefully, y’all will find inspiration in my outfits below and turn to my helpful hints when you’re stuck in a rut.

Look One


Being from Louisiana, it is totally acceptable to say that this turtleneck is the warmest sweater I own. You Northerners are probably like smh but it rarely gets cold in the south. But when it does, I wear this black turtleneck, J.Crew leggings and knee high boots.

Sweater / Amore in Lafayette (Similar)

Pants / J.Crew

Boots / Anthropologie (Similar)

Look Two


You’ve all seen this outfit and loved it. It is the perfect way to mix (or rather hide) your athleisure. The key to this is making sure you balance out and only choose up to two althetic pieces.

Click here for outfit details.

Look ThreeIMG_4641

On days that I work, I try to incorporate things from my boutique and/or dress up a little bit more. After Kanye’s clothing line turned us on to hole-y things, I fell for this Benjamin Jay top.

Top / Benjamin Jay

Jeans / Paige Denim

Look FourIMG_6220

This is my, “its windy outside and I ran out of warm things to wear look”. If you live in the South and you haven’t seen a sorority girl walking around in one of these Wooly Threads, you are obviously skipping class.

Sweatshirt / Wooly Threads

Jeans / dl1961

Shoes / Yeezys

Look FiveIMG_5841

This vest from Target is my lifesaver when temps drop. It is so much warmer than you think and super easy to take it on and off. For some reason I always gravitate to all black for school — see the irony? Luckily, the vest adds in another color to the palette.

Vest / Target

Sweater / Amor

Jeans / Paige

Look SixIMG_6097

This is one of (my) favorite and simplest looks. It is so easy to build an outfit with by throwing on layers like flannels and such. Excuse the bathroom selfie but for realz who has the time for outfit on a school day!? #FletcherRat

Flannel / Bella Dahl

Tank / Free People

Jeans / dl1961dl1961

Look Seven


I’ve been subconsciously wracking up on jeans as of late. I think I’m doing this because I hate shorts. I can never find the right fit and don’t like the idea of my booty cheeks hanging out. Therefore, I’m trying to ease into Summer with jeans as my go-tos.

Top / Anthropologie

Jeans / Paige

Shoes / Calvin Klein

Look Eight


Of course not everyday I wake up excited to dress up. I’ve established this day as my “gym day” where I dress in workout clothes to give me a little extra motivation. The trick to conquering atheisure is to mix it up with regular attire. Note: I tied this Bella Dahl flannel around my waist to look more put together.

I hope these looks help to inspire your on campus looks. There is nothing more powerful than a well dressed woman!


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