Finding Newness In An Old Relationship

Before my Junior year I never gave dating a second thought. I felt that at such a young age it would be pointless and that I should focus all of my energy on school and growing as a person. But what I didn’t realize is that being in a relationship actually made me grow the most. This may seem like an obvious result of being in any relationship but it was never something I took into consideration. My boyfriend and I started dating in 2014, we were both young and just starting to figure out who we wanted to be in life. We both attended high schools on opposite sides of town. We had so much going on outside of school that the weekends were our only opportunities to see each other. I am realizing now, reflecting on our simple high school relationship, how important this aspect was in building our relationship. During the first few months we were still learning so much about each other, more than a usual couple. It brought a certain aspect of newness to the relationship. Not being together every minute of the day created such a great habit for our relationship. Now, almost two years later, we don’t get in arguments after being away for a while like most people do. We look at it as a blessing because once we do find time for each other, we won’t be so worried about everything else going on and we will value our time together. It gives us a refreshing reminder of why we missed each other during our time apart. But every relationship is different, sometimes two people separated for too long turn to bickering. Speaking from experience, this absence is one of my favorite parts about our relationship. Although all relationships are different, there is a great newness hidden within.

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Kappa Delta date party.

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