Fool-Proof Tips to Always Looking Great on Campus

As a fashion girl, I feel as if we are expected to keep up our fashion game on campus. It is hard enough to have to wake up for school, much less make sure you look put together. (You never know who you are going to run in to!) One thing I love about my sorority, is that we are encouraged to skip the Nikes, and try our hardest to look presentable each day. I know this is hard to do, especially when you are use to rolling out of bed, brushing your teeth and jetting. But it takes practice and time. Keep reading for my fool-proof tips for always looking 100 on campus.

Tip 1: Step up your jammie game


Y’all seriously, this may be weird but whenever I know I have a big day coming up I always try to slay the jammie game. I’m like, “I need to be a girl boss tomorrow? I’ll wear my silk set with my favorite lace bralette then.” If you go to bed feeling fabulous, there’s no way you won’t wake up feeling the same.

Tip 2: Pre-plan your outfits


Planning ahead is the key to keeping your mornings running smoothly. While I never have the time nor the energy to actually lay-out my outfits for the next day, I pre-plan. As I lay in bed each night I think about what my day looks like tomorrow and plan an outfit accordingly. This trick never fails.

Tip 3: Allow yourself 15 minutes


I know, you’re probably like, “there is no way I’m giving up fifteen minutes of precious sleep.” But trust meIf you stop hitting snooze and wake up when your first alarm goes off (because we both know you set like five) you’ll feel less rushed. Its better to have a few chill minutes in the morning than constantly having interrupted sleep.

Tip 4: Listen to Music


Ask any of my friends, I’m late for everything. I’m the type of person who thinks she has a more time than she really does. My solution to this, is playing music while I am getting ready. It not only helps me get excited for my day but it gives me an idea on time. Its nice to not have to check your phone every 10 minutes.

Tip 5: Get Dressed


My go-to for on campus style are always jeans. I love them because you can pair a really plain white-t with it and still look put together. I’ve been buying them in bulk as of late. 😉

And Finally: Snap a Pic


Once you realize how minimum the effort is to look 100, you’ll be amazed. So take a selfie and then look back at the end of the week at all of those tiny accomplishments.


My school #OOTD’s coming soon!


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