This Week’s Favorites

This week, I decided to put a spin on the beloved Friday FivesAfter finding joy in the simplest things this week, I decided to snap them. I figured that if we don’t start appreciating the small things, like very small, we’ll get in the habit of looking for needles in a hay stack. (AKA big and unrealistic happiness). So maybe this will inspire you to take pictures of things that make you happy next week so at the end of the week (let’s face it it’s going to be a long one), you’ll appreciate the little successes.

Coming across this vibrant flower on the walk to my car…


Fulfilling my cravings with a late night fro-yo date with my little brother…


I had the most relaxing night last night (and it was all before 9:30!)…


Today, a package of postcards I designed came in the mail…


And I loved the previous so much that this happened…


Have a great weekend babes,


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