7 Ideas for A Perfect Valentine (Guaranteed)

I recently wrote about my thoughts on our perception of a modern Valentine’s day. I hope you all read it and understand what I mean when I speak about materializing a holiday (to a certain extent). The other day, I was having a conversation with a guy (basically a stranger) who was telling me about his girlfriend’s Valentine’s gifts. Yes I mean “gifts,” as in plural. He said, “I bought her a dress, earrings, a matching necklace and perfume. And I’ll get her flowers of course.” The whole time I was thinking to myselfhow ridiculous he sounded but noted how proud he was to tell me this. Then I thought about why he, a full-time college student, would even think to buy her this much for a holiday that is supposed to be centered in love.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.27.44 PM

After Groundhog day, every time you open your computer the media is trying to “prepare you for Valentine’s day.” This can be overwhelming for men, especially when everyone is giving you gift guides that most wouldn’t even turn to for a birthday or even Christmas. What guy’s need to remember is not every girl is confined to seeing the holiday like this. Some girls would love more than anything to have what I like to call a “grade-school Valentine’s day.” Think back to middle school (or younger) when your teacher passed around brown paper bags and everyone brought hand written notes, heart shaped candies and Disney inspired Valentine’s cards. This was the peek of happiness in my younger days. Why did it make me so happy? Because I knew, like myself, that every kid spent at least ten minutes staring at a billion different themed cards trying to pick the perfect one. It’s thought, authenticity and personal-touch that you should try winning her over with this Valentine’s day. Here are some gift ideas that are just as unique as they are sweet!

1. Personalized Balloon Bouquet

Although this post was intended for a bridal shower, it would be a sweet and different way to get your message across this Sunday. Write a short meaningful messages among a few balloons and  you’ll have a smile plastered across her face for the rest of the week (or until they deflate). Tip: use different variations of pink for a more aesthetic appeal.

2. Homemade Love Note

Turn up your card game by creating your own puny love note. She’ll cherish it more than you think because it has your own spark. Plus it shows that you tried to make something for her that no one else can get their hands on. Tip: here is a link for sweet printable ones or a DIY polaroid heart shaker.

3. Pamper her with a Bubble Bath

No matter what she says, a bubble bath is her favorite way to wind down. If there is a Lush near you, stop by and pick up a few Valentine inspired scented soaps (they’re under $7!). Get her favorite Champagne or Wine (right) and use tealight candles to spread around the tub (left). If you do it well enough, maybe she’ll even let you join! Tip: World Market has a great selection of bath spa accessories (like these soap roses!)

4. Create Your New Go-To Date Jar

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 5.40.00 PM

Have you and your better half worn yourselves out trying to think of a fun or unusual date idea? (If you answered no, then props to you.) Start filling up the jar yourself and keep a few extra popsicle sticks around so either of you can add on in the future. Another idea, when my boyfriend and I want to go to dinner, we always end up going to the same two places because we can never decide (or remember) a place to go. We started something very similar to this to help keep things interesting and spontaneous. Tip: Use this guide to help you come up with ideas.

5. Breakfast (or Dinner!) in Bed

And no, I do not mean Netflix and Chill. Make your girl a good ole fashioned breakfast in bed with enough for you to both share. This gives you time together in one of our most intimate moments — when we first wake up. Tip: Try something different by making her favorite dinner (or a dessert bar, yum!), put on a movie and enjoy each other’s company in bed. But I repeat. No Netflix and Chill. Check out these three recipe guides for V-day (1.2.3).

6. Do Her a Favor


Whether she’s a mother, a full-time student or an independent spirit, she probably has way more on her plate than she can handle. Maybe her kitchen countertops disappeared days ago or her closet has more on the ground than on the racks. Wake up extra early or find time while she’s out of the house to sneak into her closet and organize her shoe racks, hang up all the clothes or clean her jewelry — she’ll be so grateful. I’ll make it easy for you, go to Pinterest.com and search “women’s closet organization tips” and try not to get too overwhelmedTip: If you are in a relationship with a neat freak and/or control freak I recommend skipping this idea.. Trust me on that one. 🙂

7. Buy Her Flowers


Here is my biggest piece of advice, buy your girl flowers. Buy her flowers no matter what day it is: if its a good day, a bad day or just a basic day. Nothing says I was thinking about you more than coming home with a handful of beautiful flowers. IDEA: Read about the meaning of each flower and create a special bouquet based upon the flowers that represent her. It will be a sweet moment when you get to explain each one to her. Tip: Here is an easy way to wrap flowers grocery store flowers (and there is nothing wrong with grocery store flowers!)

Guys- I hope you can take something away from this post that’ll prove just how much you adore your girl in an innovative way.

Girls- Don’t be afraid to slide this into your guy’s dms (again). 🙂


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