5 Outfit Transitions – Hot to Cold

If your hometown’s climate is anything like ours,  you’ll be cozied up in layers and a fluffy jacket while the next jeans and a tee will make the cut. With such bipolar weather, it is hard to stay inspired with so many different types of climate changes. After getting lost in Pinterest, I’ve mapped out 5 outfit ideas you’ll want to steal AND that will work whether its hot or cold.

Oversized Turtleneck

Transform your winter go-to (oversized turtleneck) from warm to cold by playing around with its bottom pairing. Switch out shorts for jeans and add wide legged booties for a casual look.

Sleek & Chic

I love the monotone situation happening with the white on white (left) and that it can be easily reciprocated with darker colors and look just as chic (right).

The Fedora Hat

I’m drastically into basics which makes styling outfits that don’t look similar a little challenging. But I love how the idea on the left is reimagined into a more winter appropriate look on the right. I also love how she shook up the basics by using similar color palettes.

Leather + Sneaks

No matter the weather, its never too hot or too cold to wear leather. Accessorize with a jacket or add edge with pants. After looking at these two looks, we’ve learned that leather looks great with not only fur but sneakers as well, for an effortlessly chic look.

The Mini

Cold or hot you can’t take our minis away from us! They’re a girl’s (and our leg’s) best friend and look chic no matter the weather. For colder temps, try layering with a button down under and thick jacket on top and don for a thicker knit mini.


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