Gift Guide: For the Home Body (UNDER $100)

We all have that one friend who takes a little too much convincing to leave her house. A lot of times, it’s hard to shop for her because although you know she’d die over anything home decor, her house is already a living master piece. The trick is to pick things that are rich in taste and trendy in style because there is a chance she wouldn’t buy it for herself.

Gift Guide: For the home body by viclynstinson featuring diptyque candles

Bath rug

Everyone deserves a little inspiration from Beyonce as they are getting ready to start their day.

Nordstjerne brass bathroom accessory

It’s all about the overall look. This beautiful brass and dark marble soap dispenser brings sophisticated beauty to any room.

Bath accessory $60 –

This is one of those things you don’t know you need until you get one. Do your friend a favor and elevate her everyday beauty routine with two magnifying choices.

Cotton hammock

Whether she’ll put it in the keeping room, outside or the den, this handmade hammock from Etsy is sure to add a feminine and fun touch.

Courtly Check Enamel Everyday Bowl Extra Large

Take a cue from Kourtney Kardashian with this black and white Alice in Wonderland inspired bowl.

Cutipol flatware

Flatware + copper is the trendiest in kitchen decor at the moment. Keep your friend in the know by gifting her with this 5 piece set for only $89.

Prada wall art

I’ve never met a soul who doesn’t just adore Gossip Girl. So I believe anyone would feel #blessed receiving this wall art inspired by the show.

Cyan Design vase

We give and give flowers but never put a second thought into what they’ll actually live in. Elevate your giving this season by gifting these cool Nickel geometric vases.

Diptyque candle

The biggest trend in candles are these elegantly designed Diptyque candles. Candles are a tough gift because you have to pick out the perfect scent but we believe in you!

HomArt window candle holder

For the friend who loves flowers, candles and beautiful things (me), we’ve hit the jackpot with this Domino candle holder.

Writing pen

It seems ridiculous to spend more than ten dollars on a pen but if you really think about it, a nice pen such as this YStudio one is something you’d get use out of everyday. It’s one of those things you wouldn’t buy for yourself but absolutely love if you received one.

See through lingerie

Who doesn’t love a good piece of lingerie? Receiving lingerie is like receiving a bonus in your pay check. Its just an all around good feeling.

Contemporary chair $58 –

Weirdly enough, these clear armchairs are one of the biggest rages in design right now. These chairs can get really expensive but this we’ve hit luck with this one.


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