To the Guys, From All Girls

Dear Men,

There is something we’ve been dying to tell you.
We are tired of having to hold the torch of always being the best dressed in the relationship. We know you probably don’t give two sh*ts about what you’re wearing (unless they’re your custom designed tennis shoes) but we do. Like it or not what you wear actually says a lot about you. You probably won’t like what I’m about to say next but it’s true, we are tired of the 24/7 athleisure look! Sure its becoming super trendy in the girl’s world but most of you have been doing it your whole lives. But don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know. Over the next few months I’ll transform this into a site for men (too!) where you’ll learn the key steps to putting together an outfit, how your clothes speak for themselves and the manliest closet staples. Ladies, it’s totally okay to slide this post into your man’s DM 😉


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