A Letter From Victoria: Starting off 2016

I recently sat down for an interview and found that I learned a lot more about myself than the other person did. We started off the interview by chit chatting for a bit and then the conversation gradually turned into expected questions. We started off by talking about my design background and parent’s artistic past and presents. When the conversation finally led up to talking about my site, I found that I kept using the word “brand.” She’d ask me questions about who my site targets, what it’s purpose is, what the future will hold, etc.
One of my replies was somewhere along the line of “I want to build a place comfortable enough for women to loose themselves in for hours taking in as much inspiration as possible. I know that’s one thing I love in a good blog. I want to build a brand where people hear my name or the name Beautiful Chaos and know exactly what that means. If that makes any sense. Come 2016, I will also incorporate more tips for men because I have brothers and know that it helps to create a happy medium while getting dressed. I will truly strive to make this a place unlike any other. I want this to be a site where art and creativity is shared. I want to help women (and men) learn how to achieve the confidence they deserve and feel the way they should. I find that every morning when I’m getting dressed, I get to decide who I want to be for the day. If I want to feel sophisticated and admired I’ll dress nicely with heels and oversized sunnies to top it off. If I want it to be a day of leisure, of blogging, relaxing, and working out, I’ll slip into nike shorts and a graphic tee. Over the last four years of experimenting with different sites, I’ve learned how to take this blessing for granted. I get to decide how I want to be seen and how I want to feel each morning. Which is exactly what I am going to teach you. Happy New Year to all and may this one be even better than your last. XX


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