What to Wear: NYE Baby it’s Cold Outside

Ringing in the New Year means establishing goals for the future. We decide who we want to be, what we want to succeed in and where we want to be towards the end of the year. So, there is no better way in welcoming the new and improved you than by dressing the part. Who do you wanna be? Trust me and read below.

(from left to right) [1.] This black Bebe dress is the bombshell of the group. She’s almost always found with every guys eyes glued to her. She’s effortlessly sexy without trying too hard and you’ll usually find her hair in loose waves. [2.] This gold mini is the friend who never leaves the dance floor. She is the life of the party and screams fun. Everyone wants to be her friend. [3.] This is the ethereal one. She’s boho and loves nature and almost always sports a braid. [4.] Okay now this black mid length dress is for the gal who has her shit together. She was voted future CEO of a company in high school and knows how to draw attention towards her.
Who will you be come 2016?

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