A Gossip Girl for the Weekend

This weekend was one of those weekends that make the other ones jealous. It was Kappa Sigma’s formal, so we had an excuse to take a road trip to the dynamic city of New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is one of those places you can visit an endless amount of times and get a totally different feel each time. Our event was held on the third floor of The Maison. It was a really neat bar with live music on the second level and a secluded room on the top level. Our private area was cozy and gave off a total Gossip Girl-Orleans vibe. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

12341063_1084931644870745_5407713399076783529_n 12347946_1084931481537428_3698576094903447476_n

IMG_4770IMG_4771IMG_477212341383_1084931891537387_4790891189058736937_n 12369260_1084931514870758_6250812293022583336_n 12342764_1084931574870752_8617115372993115209_n



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