My Day Through Pictures

We have finally came across the busiest times in the year. December is here and we are either barely surviving #thxfinals or scrambling to find the perfect Christmas gift.  So in the midst of this craziness I thought I should share what a day in my life looks like! I picked to show y’all my Sunday since it is one of my favorite days


My Sunday started off (yes, because I woke up past 10am) with my parents asking me to join them for lunch. Sunday’s are important to my family because it is a day set aside to spend time with one another.


Possibly avoiding all studying for finals and watching Game of Thrones instead


My sorority, Tri Sigma, hosted a little Christmas get together including baked goods and Elf. It was nice to have a break from studying and have all the girls together before they all go back home for break.


Thankful for coffee, Mt. Dew and Dupre library for getting me through late night final stu(dying).


On the way to late night mass on the campus church and this little pond caught my eye

Hope you all enjoyed my Sunday in pictures!


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