Thanksgiving in Review

THANK goodness for Thanksgiving break. Although the break was short, I got to spend it with my family and closest friends. All of the changes that have occurred in the past year have made me realize how thankful I really am that God blessed me with my awesome family and friends. Here are a few pictures from my Thanksgiving:)

2015-11-25 13.24.13
I started off break by visiting my  bff viclynstinson:)
“The Table of Gratitude” as my mom likes to call it. 
2015-11-26 12.07.21
Aunt Susu, my sweet Katie, and I 



cousins2015-11-26 12.56.192015-11-26 15.15.19

Aunt Susu, Aunt Jojo, and my momma:)
Jennie!!!! I missed this girl so much

2015-11-29 11.06.13

Linc is ready for Christmas already (only 24 more days!!!!!)

This break was so relaxing and I slept lotsss, which is good because finals are next week (I am about to cry just thinking about it ahhh). But, on the bright side, only 10 more days until Christmas break and 24 days until Christmas!! WOOHOO!


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