Things I’m Thankful For by Alyssa Plaisance

Around this time of year we start to reflect the things we are thankful for. Along with Lily, I have been blessed in my life with many things this past year. Here are a few of the things that I am extremely grateful for this Thanksgiving!

1.) My Redemption (S/O to my main man Jesus Christ)

2.) My (sometimes) loving little brothers

3.) The most supportive parents I could ask for

4.) My education

5.) My basic freedoms #’Murica

6.) My beautiful Tri Sigma sorority sisters

7.) and my brand new sorority family

look how cute my twin and big are 🙂

8.) Lafayette

9.) my good ol’ cajun food (gumbo, boudion, cracklin, etc.)

10.) Sweat Tea aka. crack

11.) Drake

12.) My best friends from day one that will always be there for me, forever


& many many more 🙂

PS. Be thankful EVERYDAY for what you are given ❤


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