What Lafayette Taught Me: Service

One of the best life lessons I was ever taught was, “Whenever you are having a bad day, service will make it better.” Sounds kind of silly to go out your own way for others while you’re trying to pick up the pieces, right? But, it is true. Once you cause the smile on someone else’s face your whole week will be made. There are others out there in out community that may be suffering and through worse than I will ever experience. I believe that we all have a purpose to serve those around us. The bible tells us, “love thy neighbor as yourself.”

*left: art night with the kids of our local philanthropy (they are the cutest) right: cooking at the local food diner for the homeless men*

Growing up in Lafayette, I am thankful to be surrounded by people who go out their way for others. But our “neighbors” are not only the people down the street from us. They are the elderly, homeless, disabled, youth, needy, and poor. Lafayette taught me to love these people and put myself second. I was thankful enough to attend a Catholic school where I had many service opportunities. Now, I attend a university where service opportunities appear all the time within the organizations and a sorority with a local and national philanthropy. Service can come from donating, volunteering at the local homeless shelters, or any little action that will cause a smile on someone’s face. Now go out and be a light in the world 🙂


*Tri Sigma’s annual Chili Cook Off which benefits Child’s Play Therapy*


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