Why I Stayed Home

Living in the same hometown for a majority of your life can be tiring. You’ve seen the same faces since elementary school and in all honesty whose family doesn’t get the least bit annoying. College is the time in our lives where we are persuaded to get away from all of this, but it is a different story for me. I never gave any thought where I was going to further my education after high school until I was forced to start applying for college. I started looking into out of state colleges but none of them stood out to me. Around this time, my hometown started getting recognized for things like
“Happiest City” and “most affordable four-year public universities.” IMG_0844I started to notice how involved and happy my older friends and family were who were actually attending the University of Lafayette at Louisiana. I love to travel and try new things but I felt a calling to stay home. This is where I wanted to grow and potentially raise a family.

Lafayette has such a special community that I am thankful for while receiving a higher education. Even though I didn’t leave my hometown, I still meet new from people all over the state and even the country. Home isn’t homemade meals and clean clothes, even though this is nice, it is where my heart is and where I can leave my mark. I can say one things for sure, I don’t regret my decision in staying home.

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