How to Survive Your First Semester of College

Hey guys! So if you don’t already know, Victoria and I recently started our first semester of college. It’s very overwhelming but the difference between high school and college makes it worth it. Here are some tips I am sharing to help you get through the first semester or wherever you may be in life!

Stay Open minded

  • One of the best life lessons I was ever taught was to always stay open minded. The majority of universities are like a pool of diversities. Explore and try new things that you would never think about trying!


  • Having a campus located in Southern Louisiana, it is very possible to get overheated and dehydrated walking from class to class. So keep a water bottle on you at all times. Get fun with it and find a cute durable one like this Swell bottle or if you are a cheap college student like me, target can be your best friend.


Get involved

  • Education should always be your first priority but who said college is all work and no play? There are hundreds of different organizations to join on every campus. From going Greek to religious organizations to community service projects, there are endless after school activities to keep you busy. Also, getting involved will help you meet new people and create unexpected friendships

Stay Organization:

  • Organization is second nature to me so I never had a problem with this. Only being in college for about two months, I now understand how being organized can help a sista out in the long run. So the question is, how do you get organized? Well the basic first step is investing in a planner. My planner is my best friend. It helps organize classwork, extra curricular and even serves as an outlet to allow me to jot down my ideas. This is a trait that could either make or break a college student — luckily it is easily accessible.


Be yourself

  • As basic as this sounds, being yourself is the best thing you can chose to do in college. Unlike high school, there is no  status quo to follow in order to get into the popular group. Everyone is their own person and no one cares about your weird fetiches. If one person doesn’t appreciate you, that’s okay because there are thousands of people on campus that will accept you. And if college is all about “finding yourself” then how will you manage to do that if you aren’t being yourself.

Most importantly: make the best out of your freshman year. These are some of the best years of our lives.


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