The Best FW Beauty Trends

For those people who don’t pay close attention to the fashion world, they are more than likely mind boggled by the fact that we have months dedicated to fashion shows which aren’t relevant to us until a season later. It is tricky when it comes to remembering the trends but totally necessary to make sure you stay ahead. In case you forgot, here are some of the best beauty trends from Fall / Winter 2015.

HAIR – Accessories

proenza schoulerprada

Proenza Schouler/ Prada

Looks like we are finally learning a thing or two from the Queen B herself: Blair Waldorf. Keep your hair accessories in bulk whether its to add personality to an outfit or dress up for a special occasion. Think pretty hair ties, broaches, velvet bows.



Fendi / Kenzo

There is nothing sleeker than a clean low ponytail. Let’s leave it at that. Try this Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment ($5.99) to keep your hair shiny and free from any fly-aways.

Hair – Mid Knot


By using a texture gel, you can update any outfit to an instant cool by simple wrapping and knotting. This gives a new unconventional look to the infamous topknot. Make sure to keep it styled towards the back of your head or lower to keep up the trend.

EYES – Twinkle


Rodarte / Carolina Herrara

Of course this trend was shown more dramatically on the runway but the two pictures shown above are more wearable. This is a great way to add personality to a simple outfit. I for one love the idea of smearing it along the bottom of your lid as seen in Rodarte. Experiment with Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow ($32)

EYES – Color / Texture


Russardi / Dior

This is one of those trends that I think is so cool but could never pull off. I feel like if I ever tried this it would look like a #tbt to when I was six and had one of those makeup sets with shades in every color.

LIPS – Burgandy & Wine

carolina herrera

Ungaro / Carolina Herrara

This is one of the most unsurprising trends that you’ll notice each Fall and Winter. When I see girls donning dark shades on their lips I say one of two things it’s winter time or go you for rocking the dark unapproachable look.
If you watched the first second episode of House of DVF (my obsession) then you know the exact girl that I’m talking about. Her name is Hanna Beth and she wore dark burgundy lipstick the first time she met Dianna which made her so bad a** and made me want to be her. Oil Infusion Color & Care ($14).

NAILS – Abstract



This is by far one of the coolest nail trends I’ve ever seen. I’m a big fan of art therefore I love the abstract look of this trend. It’s so simple and clean yet eye-catching.

Which trend is your favorite?


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