DVF Spring / Summer ’16

If you didn’t already know, this week and next week are almost considered national holidays. It is New York Fashion Week babes. That means you will be seeing an array of color pattens, busy prints, and body goals all over your instagram, twitter and now snapchat. My favorite show so far has been the Dianne Von Furstenburg Spring Summer 2016. I loved the designer excessively before seeing this show but now I love her even more. The runway is filled with top models such as the opener Karlie Kloss, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Jordan Dunn, etc. I can feel the power these clothes give as the models walk down the runway looking more confident then ever. I love a good girl power.

DVF_SS16_Look38_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look34_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look28_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look26_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look25_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look23_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look22_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look20_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look18_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look17_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look13_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look12_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look11_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look10_426x639 DVF_SS16_Look01_426x639


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