KD loves the Cajuns

If you live in the south, you know that tailgating is basically a(n) unofficial holiday. There is nothing more exciting than spending your Saturday the Louisiana way — tailgating until your feet hurt and cheering on your team until you lose your voice. The pre-game “tent hopping” (tent hopping: v. usually used to describe an act that which occurs during a tailgate. “Hey Mary, this party is lame let’s go to Kappa Sigma’s tent!”) brings out our Cajun roots with friendly people, mixed aromas cajun food on the grill and (if you’re of age) lots of beer. My friend Claire recently described it by saying, “It isn’t uncommon to see girls looking nicer for a football game than they do for Sunday mass. Some even wear their pearls deemed for special occasions.” Football season and tailgates is what we live for people. Now that you’ve gotten a little taste of our Louisiana Saturday afternoons, I’ll prove in pictures just how important of an occasion it really is.








**Feeling a little S&B moment**





Dress / Roxy (Old)

Shoes / Etsy

Purse / Celine


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