My 3 Creative Outlets for Inspiration

I joke that sometimes I think the left side of my brain is almost nonexistent. I am such a creative person that it drains the left side of my brain. I hate (and am horrible) at anything involving complex math, memorization, or science but could crush anything that requires a little artistic personality. I went to a seminar last year and one quote that stuck with me the most was, “The future will be saved by right brained people.” I fully believe that this is true. Without right brained people our world would be a maze of similar looking buildings and no color. Creativity is what keeps us alive and on our toes. But just because I am creative does’t mean I don’t have my “moments.” I get brain farts too –as my friend likes to call it. These kill me because they leave me feeling like my mind is full of nothing but dusty air. Luckily, I have four creative outlets that I can always turn to when in need.


Tumblr is great because it not only has a variety of one type of art but five. You can share a text post, a video, a picture, an audio clip, etc. There’s not many other websites that allows you to do this. It is also great because it has a vast mix of present and past. Its very rare that I’ll scroll through my news feed and not find a few vintage pictures.





I can get lost in my Pinterest feed for hours. I love looking at pictures of intricate architecture, inspiring quotes, and celebrity candids. Pinterest is also very lovely because it is a website meant for naturally organized people. Praises to the person who created this.





I’m almost embarrassed to admit this but sometimes I lay in bed at night and instagram stalk celebs like the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Gigi Hadid, and Vanessa Hudgens because I always end up finding the best outfit inspiration from them.




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