My Secret to Clear Skin: Pt. 2

The last time I wrote about my daily face routine the feedback was so positive that I decided to do a part two. Even though it has only been a month and six days, my skin has never felt/looked so refreshed. Since my last post, I’ve upgraded my nightly routine (thanks to my mom’s generous gifts) and have fallen in love. I now use a Clinique three piece set every night followed by the face wash and sunscreen in the mornings. Here are the products I swear by:

Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser


VS: I use this foaming face wash first thing in the morning and right before I go to sleep at night. Its silky as I apply it to my face and leaves it feeling smooth and refreshed. I feel like I just got a facial every time I use it! ($20)

Clarifying Lotion 3



VS: Out of the three step system, this is my favorite product. You sweep it over your face with a cotton ball and it cleans all of the remaining residue, flakey dry skin and any left over makeup. It’s purpose it to clarify your face and prepare it for the third step — moisturizer. ($23)

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream


VS: I like this moisturizer because its fluffy and light. It doesn’t take a lot to apply to your face so you will get a lot of use out of this product. I only use this product at night because I find that it makes my face look oily if I layer it under my makeup during the day. ($26)

Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50


VS: I’ll be completely honest with you guys, the only reason I use this is because my mom won’t stop nagging me about “protecting my skin.” I don’t like to layer this product under my makeup either because it makes me face sticky and doesn’t flow well. But when I know my face is going to be exposed to the sun, I’ll skip face makeup and just apply this. ($21.50)

Which Clinique products do you swear by?






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