What to Wear: Wimbledon Addition

We all know one of the biggest sport related events happening right now is the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament. (To be honest I don’t even know if I used it in a sentence correctly.) Because I am neither sporty nor have any athletic ability, I am probably one of those girls you hate relating to the fact that I cheer for the team with the best uniforms. Before you make fun, I feel like I have the right to talk about this topic because I did dabble in a year of personal training for tennis. As you can tell, it did not go well and it was literally just a dabble which lasted a year. So since I am almost positive that I won’t be getting an invitation to compete in Wimbledon anytime soon, I have plenty of time to pick out my outfit for when the time does come. And this is most likely what I am going to wear.
She's An Ace

 Serena, if you are reading this, contact me and I can style you.

If I have availability.


One thought on “What to Wear: Wimbledon Addition

  1. I too have done my dabbling, at the age of 6 and only at the age of 6, but I am sure my Wimbledon invitation was lost in transit! Maybe we could be doubles partners, and not really play, just march around with that bag because damn, it’s beautiful.


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