Back To the Basics: Part 1

 There is nothing better than throwing on a white t-shirt and a pair of fitted jeans and achieving that effortlessly chic look. It is the least complicated and most adored look in the fashion world. And that brings me to the basics. Basics are things that you wear on an everyday basis and therefore should be be something you splurge on. Here is a guide that will show you exactly what is worth splurging on.



  1. Sunnies: find one pair that fit the shape of your face nicely. I’d recommend buying other ones seasonly as well but not spending a fortune. (Try using this guide!)
  2. Bag: every woman’s wardrobe should consist of a good quality handbag. Most should go with a neutral such as a camel color or black as their dominant bag but only you can decide on that one. If you are fun and unpredictable go for the yellow or the red!
  3. Shoes: you can take your understated white t-shirt and jeans from day to night by playing up your footwear. During the day wear a cool sandal (like these Calvin Klein) and when the sun goes down trade them for some statement making pumps.
  4. Jeans: okay ladies, if you don’t have a solid pair of jeans that make your a$$ sing every time you put them on, you are doing life wrong. To help you out, I’ll suggest a few brands that love to love on your body: Gap, Paige, Citizens of Humanity, DL1961.
  5. Tee: and last but not least the most crucial part of your splurging, the white tee. Now I know you might think it is ridiculous to spend more than 10 bucks on a t-shirt that you can buy at Walmart for under five dollars but it is not. Let me repeat it is not. Go shopping and treat yourself to a nice high end white t-shirt or a nice cream silk blouse, you won’t regret it ladies.


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